Data Portal – Version 2.3.4

Updated  natural language integration Updated “Two Tab” view layouts Updated record owner attributions Option to use Google Maps Embed using iframes to help reduce Google Maps API Usage Topics that have recommended records are now weighted in order they are entered

Data Portal – Version 2.3.1-2.3.2

Minor updates and adjustments Fixed Google Translate links when French equivalent record is not found Optimizations for exact keyword matching to agency names Updates to French AI keyword enhancement feature Added ability to change sort order on result pages Added ability to hide search parameters on result pages

Data Portal Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Data Portal plugin includes numerous features to provide better SEO for your web site. Permalinks Using permalinks is an essential part of ensuring your pages are index properly. The Data Portal plugin uses the ResourceAgencyNum (ID) or UniqueIDPriorSystem as the permalink. Depending on the name of your detail page your permalink will resemble: … Read more

Data Portal Security

The Data Portal plugin and server has various security features to prevent bad actors and robots. Limiting bad WordPress Login Attempts If a user attempts to login too many times unsuccessfully their IP will be blocked for a period of time. This will block them from the entire server (every site on the server). Better … Read more

Using AI to Enhance Keyword Searches

The newest option available in both the Data Portal plugin and the API is to use AI to enhance your keyword searches. This can be enabled under the Search Results panel or by using “TermMatch”: “ai” in the API. This feature vastly improves the relevancy or your search results and supports most natural language queries … Read more

Sorting by Distance or Best?

Should the results be sorted by the distance or by the best match by default? This often comes up and there is no simple answer to what is better for your site.  While most sites are setup to give the user options for how results should be displayed and what type of search they want … Read more

Configuring the Best Setup for Keyword Searching

Without a doubt, searching using categories/topics will always retrieve the best results. Whether it is the topics/categories on your website or using the API with taxonomy terms or external categories, these searches will always retrieve relevant results. The data curators expend tremendous effort to index each record with the best taxonomy terms using the industry … Read more