Data Portal – Version 2.0.8

Fixed issue with Agency detail on non-Ontario databases Fixed hours conversion issue (pm showing in 24hr clock) Improvements when searching when using search terms containing accents Added controls to adjust how search terms can search the database Added French location names to search form and admin location interface Improvements to the admin location interface Improvements … Read more

QueryApp – April 4th, 2021

APIs (Portal and v2) Updated: Record owner codes to corresponding record owner Updated: Community tables adjustments Updated: Scoring algorithm improvements Updated: Coverage searches can be sorted by distance Added: TermMatch parameter can be used to change how the database is searched Added: Exact matching for search terms QueryApp Updated: Audit record colour coding Export XML … Read more

QueryApp – February 22nd, 2021

APIs (Portal and v2) Added support for exact keyword matches Added support for static ids (v2 only – still being tested) Languages are now translated to French equivalent Community table fixes and updates Proper coverage areas returned QueryApp Export XML – Languages are now translated to French equivalent

Data Portal – Version 2.0.7

Improved functionality with age / language Improved scoring algorithm Convert languages to corresponding French names on French pages Display proper service area names on detail page Ability to use quotes in searches Ability to force exact matches for proximity/serving/both search types Ability to use some wildcards in topic keywords Nice display of hours (24hr clock … Read more

Data Portal – Previous Releases

Version 2.0.6 Fixed issue with Public Comments and Documents Required not showing up in Portals Updated RecordOwner to work with Custom_Record Owner (when populated in view) Version 2.0.5 Plugin updater improvements Map module adjustments (scripts and styles) Version 2.0.4 Added Updater