Search Scoring Algorithm

This article will explain how the search algorithm works behind the scenes in both the Data Portal plugin and the QueryApp API. Please note that we regularly adjust and tweak this algorithm. When a keyword search is used and the results are sorted by “best”, we score the results to show the most relevant first. … Read more

QueryApp 2.0

The latest version of QueryApp has been released with many new features and improvements including: Improved interface Easier saving and sharing of queries with your organization or other organizations Organization administrators can manage their own users and api access Improved statistics for api usage Many other behind the scenes and administrative features Setup on a … Read more

Data Portal – Version 2.2.5 & 2.2.6

Version 2.2.6 Bug fixes and optimizations Version 2.2.5 Agency profile page updates and improvements Province filter option for agency profile Option to default topic searches for distance and keyword searches to best Fix for history export on large databases

Data Portal – Version 2.2.2

Maintenance Release Added basic CSS for topic pages on all layouts Fixed issue with using service names in permalinks Fixed issue with search terms autocomplete (keyboard navigation) Removed custom update link on agency record (not yet supported on remote update systems)

Data Portal – Version 2.2.1

Various new options, improvements and fixes throughout Improved admin topic editing interface Added dedicated topic navigation Added alternative language to topics for switching English/French (ensure theme compatibility before using) Added topic category descriptions Added site name as an option to search results Keyword suggestions filtered on search location Keyword suggestions matching partial text Hyperlinking of … Read more

Data Portal – Version 2.1.2

Changed taxonomy filter to custom filter with field choice Added Custom_HeadingsCategories to topic matches and custom filters Added ability to change number of results displayed in map (to differ from default settings) Changed the action hook for when the detail page is called to avoid 3rd party plugin conflicts Fix applied for Google maps not … Read more